Monday, November 10, 2008

Tattoo Art and its Origins

If you are one of the millions with tattoo art or if you are seriously considering one, you are probably interested in this art form. Tattoo art is one of the oldest art forms around and while for many decades there was a taboo about having tattoo art and certain types of tattoos are still frowned upon today, more and more people are fascinated by this form of expression and now have more liberal attitudes towards it.

Tattoo art is said to have started by accident probably thousands of years ago. It was believed that the first tattoos were of soot and ash that were rubbed into wounds by hunters and gathers. While tattoo art evolved over the millennia, discoveries such as the Ice Man found in 1991 (which is believed to be about 6,000 years old) and Egyptian mummies which are only a few thousand years old both have evidence of tattoo art.

Most of today’s tattoos come from Polynesians. As ships from the West sailed around the world during the discovery age, many came into contact with Polynesians that practiced this art form. This is why for a very long time tattoo art was a form of art popular with sailors and pirates. To read more about tattoo art, the Smithsonian Magazine offers an article on this fascinating subject. To read it, please visit the following link:

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Interesting Tattoo Art Facts

Tattoo art has become extremely popular over the last few decades as the many taboos associated with this art form became less stigmatizing. For those that are considering a tattoo, already have one or are just fascinated with them, the Smithsonian Magazine is offering an interesting article on the subject which is currently available on their main website. Tattoo’s have become such a big phenomenon that there is now much research being done on the origins of this art form and how this art form is viewed in our culture today. Here are just a few interesting tattoo art facts.

The Origins of Tattoo Art
For many that are fascinated with tattoo art, understanding where this art form originated from is important. Unlike most forms of art, for a long time it wasn’t known exactly how old this art form was or where it first originated from. Many researchers believe that the very first tattoos probably happened on accident. For instance if an ancient man or woman thousands of years ago had a cut or wound and rubbed soot or ash in it, this ash or soot would lye in between the layers of skin permanently. While accidental tattoos possibly happened frequently, it was first believed to be used for spiritual reasons by the ancient Egyptians.

Tattoo Art and the Ancient Egyptians
Tattoo art was a form of art that was found on a select caste of woman in ancient Egypt. At first it was theorized that these women may have been prostitutes or strippers, however later research indicated that these tattoos which consisted of small dots around the abdomen, pelvis and upper thighs were for protection of the fetus and mother during pregnancy.

Tattoo Art and the Ice Man Otzi
It is now believed that the Ice Man named Otzi which was recently found in the Alps in 1991 had tattoo art on his body. He is believed to be from either the fourth or fifth millennia B.C. He is suspected to be the earliest evidence of tattoos on the human body.

Polynesia Tattoo Art
The Polynesians also wore tattoo art on their bodies and it is believed they are the primary reason that they are popular with the West today. As sailors and pirates navigated the Polynesian Islands, they came into contact and with tattoo art. This is why tattoos are a common art form popular with sailors even today.

To learn more about tattoo art, the Smithsonian Magazine offers an interesting article on the subject. You can read it at the following link:

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Tattoo Art and History

With tattoo art becoming more and more popular in this country and the culture at large finally dropping any taboos that this type of art and expression once had, many people are now more than ever interested in where this art form came about. For many people tattoos were once part of the schema of bikers, sailors, soldiers and Polynesians, however tattoo art is much older than most would imagine- going all the way back to at least the ancient world.

Where the Ancient Egyptians the First to Create Tattoo Art
For many years, it was thought that the ancient Egyptians were the first culture to express themselves with tattoo art. Tattoos have been found on mummified remains and hieroglyphic paintings throughout ancient Egypt. In fact, tattoo art was discovered to be only present on a certain class of Egyptians- only women. And it was thought for a time that these women might have been prostitutes. However, with further research it was revealed that tattoo art in Egypt was for the protection of women and their fetuses. The tattoos in the form of dots surrounding the womb, thighs and pelvic area were done so as to protect the mother and unborn child from evil.

Tattoo Art and a New Discovery
While it was believed that the Ancient Egyptians created tattoo art, in 1991 an artifact was found that put this theory to the test. To learn where tattoo art originated from visit the Smithsonian Magazine. We have a fascinating article on the subject. To read it, click on the following link:

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Amazing Facts About Tattoo Art

Tattoo art has grown exponentially in this country not only as an art form, but as a social statement. It seems that anyone under 30 either has a tattoo or would like to get one and with so many people thinking about tattoos, many are wondering where the origins of this art form come from.

While tattoo art has been a popular cliché for pirates, soldiers, bikers and Pacific islanders, tattoos have a much older history. For instance, for a long time it was believed that tattoo art originated from ancient Egypt. In fact, many drawings have been found and even mummified remains have tattoo art on them. It is important to note that tattoo art in ancient Egypt was mainly for females, in fact, it simply consisted of dots usually on the thighs, pelvis and abdomen area.

For a long time, it was believed that since only some women in ancient Egypt had tattoos, it must have meant they were prostitutes, however this view changed when research found that only certain castes of women were allowed to be tattooed and these tattoos were meant for protection of them and their baby during pregnancy. However, in 1991 a discovery was found that turned the theory that tattoo art originated with ancient Egypt on its head. To find out where tattoo art originated from, the Smithsonian Magazine has an article on the subject, you can read it at the following link:

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Monday, September 22, 2008

The Ice Man and Tattoo Art

Tattoo art has exploded in our culture over the last two decades. As more and more people get tattoos many wonder where did this art form originate. While sailors, pirates, and bikers all are known to get tattooed, the origins are much older. In fact, for a long period of time, it was believed that the ancient Egyptians were the first to create this art form.

Ancient Egyptians and Tattoos
It was believed for a long period of time that the ancient Egyptians originated tattoo art. When ruins were dug up, many paintings and mummified bodies included tattoo art, however, it was strange that these tattoo markings were only found on females and only on a certain caste. For a short period of time it was believed that these markings were a sort of scarlet letter and that these women with tattoo art were prostitutes, however, these markings which were dots in web formations around the thighs, stomach and pelvic area were actually tattooed on for protection during pregnancy.

To learn more about the origins of tattoo art the Smithsonian Magazine has a fascinating article on the subject. You will be surprised how old tattoos really are. You can read the article at our main website at the following link:

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tattoo Art and its Interesting Origins

Tattoos are not only an art form, but part of today’s pop culture. It seems that a large majority of college age individuals have at least one tattoo and the taboo that once accompanied
tattoo art has been virtually eliminated. Whether you have a tattoo or not, many are still interested in the origins of this art form and the Smithsonian Magazine has the answers.

The Origin of Tattoo Art
Tattoo art is much older than you might think. While you may know that Pacific Islanders have been wearing tattoos for hundreds of years and sailors from the age of explorers used to adorn their body with this art form, tattoo art has actually much older origins. For a long time, it was believed that the Ancient Egyptians were the first to decorate their bodies with tattoo art. In fact, many Egyptian women can be seen painted with tattoos and mummified remains of women also show tattoo art. This evidence led many researchers to believe that Egypt was the birthplace for this art form. However, it wasn’t until a discovery in 1991, that the origin of the tattoo was debunked.

Find Out the Origin of Tattoo Art
For those that are interested in finding out how tattoo art originated, the Smithsonian Magazine has an interesting article on the subject. To read it, please visit our main website at the following link:

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Tattoo Art and its Origins

Tattoo art is a cultural phenomenon, it seems that almost every college aged individual either has a tattoo or has thought about getting one. Tattoo art for a long time was viewed as rebellious behavior and would be prominently found on the likes of sailors, bikers and prisoners. However times have definitely changed and today’s cultural norms definitely embrace the act of expressing yourself with the permanency of tattoo art. While it seems that tattoos have only been part of our culture for a few hundred years at best, research has shown that tattoo art has been around for far longer. If you have ever been intrigued by the origin of tattoo art- read on.

Tattoo Art and the Egyptians
The Egyptians had an enormous influence on our art and culture over the millennia and for a long period of time it was believed that tattoo art actually originated with them. Evidence has been uncovered that tattoos were part of the Egyptian culture. Many tattoos can be still be seen on the various figurines, tomb scenes and even mummified bodies. It might come as a shock that tattoo art during the Egyptian empire was for women only. Men simply did not wear tattoos during this time. In fact, for a long time, researchers theorized that those women that wore tattoos were part of the lower classes and even included strippers and prostitutes. However, new research actually dismisses this theory.

After careful research it is now believed with a high degree of certainty that those women that had tattoo art were not prostitutes or from the lower classes, in fact, tattoo art was expressively for women in the higher classes. The tattoos during ancient Egypt were usually dots in a web like formation around the thighs, stomach and breasts. Researchers now believe that these tattoos served as protection for pregnant mothers and not a sort of Scarlet letter.

It wasn’t until 1991 that a discovery in Europe turned the theory of Ancient Egyptians originating tattoo art on its head. Incredible as it may seem, tattoo art is an extremely old art form- perhaps dating back over 5,000 years. For those interested in the origins of this art form they consider to be fresh and new today, Smithsonian Magazine has an extremely interesting article on the subject. To learn what scientists believe to be the origin of tattoos today, please visit our main website at the following link:

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